Fresh-Pressed Cider

Our fresh-pressed cider is pure apple juice. Apples are picked from the trees - we do not use windfalls.

Apples are washed before being pressed into cider. No preservatives or sugar is added.

Apple Cider or Juice

    People are often confused about the difference between apple "cider" and "Juice." Many times the names are used interchangeably for freshly pressed juice of apples. Most apple growers prefer to call their fresh, no sugar added, natural beverage "cider."

    Freshly pressed apple cider contains all the flavor and nutrients of fresh apples. These "liquid apples" are great served hot or cold and contain only 87 calories per 6-ounce serving. Apple Cider = 0% fat.


Fresh-pressed cider should be refrigerated and

used within 7-10 days of purchase.